How to Start a Dog Walking Business

Make Money with a Dog Walking Business
If you’re looking for a great way to make money right away, and if you are an dog person, consider starting a dog walking business. Generally speaking this a no cost, to low cost start up business that can start generating income almost right away. Chances are whether you live in a small town, in big city, or in the suburbs, you are probably surrounded by dogs, and all of them are just jumping at the chance to go for a nice long walk, and chances are that their owners are not in the mood to go for a nice long walk.

What you need to get started
Thankfully this is a very low cost startup business and you really don’t need much to get started. You could purchase a few leashes, but odds are the dogs you’ll be walking will already have one.

Startup cost

Half Hour 15-20$
Hour 20-30$
Rates can vary from place to place. Consider offering an even better rate for customers that sign up for multiple walks, i.e. $140 for 10 1 hour walks.
Do research to determine your area point. Learn how to maximize your profits

How much can you make?
Well just imagine, with only five dogs, three times a week for an hour, you could easily be making 450.00 per week. In many cases you can walk multiple dogs at a time, the dogs love it and you compound your time, and get a great workout at the same time.

Getting started
As with many small businesses posted here,  this small business is as easy to get started as letting people know that you have a dog walking service available.

First, come up with a name for your dog walking business. Next, settle on your pricing structure. Then make a run of flyers and business cards with your business name, slogan, and pricing. Consider an introductory offer.

Post flyers on bulletin boards at your local grocery stores, pet stores, and feed shops. If you live in an area that features a dog park, or dog beach, consider getting out there and passing out flyers perhaps offering some discount for signing up.

This can be quite a rewarding business, that allows you to get out and exercise, have fun, create great relationships and can generate a great income.

If you’re serious about starting a dog walking business, make sure you see:
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Additional Services that can enhance your dog walking business even further.
Dog grooming, and bathing, pet sitting, If your interested in this business you may also want to consider reading about the Pooper Scooper Business.

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