Start a Hot Dog Cart Business – Make Money with a Hot dog Stand

With a hot dog cart you can: Work for yourself, work when you want, and make lots of money!

Profit Potential
$100,000+ Dollars Per Year

A popular food with incredible potential profits! Hot dogs are easy to sell, in fact hotdogs sell themselves if your in the right location.

The start-up cost of a hot dog cart is quite low, you can get started for less than 500.00 and in some cases a lot less. It doesn’t take much in the way of overhead. Hot dogs are relatively inexpensive and so are the condiments that you’ll be serving. Another great benefit of starting a hot dog cart is how easy hot dogs are to prepare. You won’t need to goto culinary school before you get started in this small business and everyone love them. Weather you’re young or old, rich or poor, everyone loves a good hot dog, as long as it’s served the way they like it. You simply must have the right toppings available for your customers.

Regulations are probably the number one road block when it comes to a hot dog cart, you’ll need to look into a food handlers card and proper licencing in your area. Each area is different, most areas are easy to get started but some can be more challenging.

What you’ll need to get started with your hot dog vending business.

A hot dog cart or stand
Hot dogs, sausages and buns
Refreshments (soda, water, etc)
Ice chest or refrigerator
Good location to sell from
People skills

Culinary School
There are a few different ways to prepare a hot dogs. They can be cooked over fire, in an oven, boiled, or grilled on a grill or rollers. I personally like them over a fire or grilled. And I personally don’t like a boiled hot dog at all. The hot dog stand that I ran was the boiled type so at least I didn’t eat up the profits. If you read the last paragraph you are now a graduate!

Location, Location, Location
You won’t need flyers but business cards are always a great idea. What you will need is a great location, think about your area and where you will sell the most hot dogs. This business works best if your a people person. Lots of small talk, running a hot dog stand is fun if you enjoy small talk.

A hot dog bag of chips and a drink will cost you around one dollar, wholesale. You can sell the meal for 3.50 to 4.00. If you sell 100 meals per day you will make around 70,000 dollars per year from one cart. You can work the cart yourself or provide jobs to people who will run it for you as you acquire more hot dog carts and more employees. You can work full time or just on the weekends and bring in all your spending cash.

Keep your equipment clean, treat people well and choose great locations and you will go far with a hot dog cart business.

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