CashCrate – Huge Earnings Potential

CashCrate Review – CashCrate – Huge Earnings Potential

If you’ve researched how to make money online you’ve probably come across thousands of results. It can be challenging to find a starting place and I know this from personal experience. I’ve spent my fair share of time looking at new opportunities to earn online, countless hours. Cashcrate is one of my favorite websites to earn money online.

Cashcrate has been online since 2006 and has over two million members worldwide. They provide an online forums, support, and the payment wall where members  post their checks and show off how much they have earned.

My Current Referral Status

  • Strong Online Community
  • Mininum Age 13 With Parents Permission
  • High Quality Referral Program
  • Many Opportunities to Earn Money Daily
  • Free to Join


Benefits of CashCrate
CashCrate is a popular online opportunity to earn money every day from home. It’s free to join and has a good reputation.

They offer their members features such as a large online forum where you can connect with other members. In addition to earning money, they have live contests  and a game center where you can earn points to spend in the prize center.

How to Earn Money with Cashcrate.

Free Offers
Offers are in essence to try a product or service. An example would be to sign up for an email newsletter from a recipe website and earn $1.00 You need only to stay signed up until it’s been confirmed. At that point you can either continue to receive recipes in your email if you enjoy the service or cancel. Either way you keep the $1.00.

Paid Offers
Paid Offers are similar but in this case you pay to try a service. Here’s an example. We’re going try Magic Jack this month as our home phone service. I was just planning to get it at Radio Shack but I found an offer at CashCrate, when I sign up for a free trial of Magic Jack, I will get a 16.00 commission for trying a service I was already going to try anyway. Another example of a paid offer would be, earn 10.00 for trying out Netflix. There are many offers both free and paid, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Each day you will have a number of survey opportunities to complete for cash rewards. Currently I have seven surveys available. At any point that you have some spare time and want to add to your account you can fill in time taking surveys.

Shopping via CashCrate is  another way to make money. Actually it’s a cash back program. When you make a purchase though one of their online retailers. You earn money back as a reward. You may already use some of these companies.

Shopping at Wal-Mart Online will gain you 3% cash back when you make a purchase. Office Depot, up to 5% on your purchase. and pays 15% cash back.

The referral program is one of the better programs out there, and is multi-tier.  What that means is there are five levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite. and two tiers under each of those as well. The amount you earn via referrals increases at each level.

Here’s how the referral program works and why the referral program is where it’s at when it comes to earning money with CashCrate.

Bronze Level
Active Referrals Needed 0-49
First Level Referral Earnings 20%
Second Level referral Earnings 10%

Silver Level
Active Referrals Needed 50
First Level Referral Earnings 25%
Second Level referral Earnings 10%

Gold Level
Active Referrals Needed 150
First Level Referral Earnings 25%
Second Level referral Earnings 10%

Platinum Level
Active Referrals Needed 300
First Level Referral Earnings 30%
Second Level referral Earnings 15%

Elite Level
Active Referrals Needed 500
First Level Referral Earnings 30%
Second Level referral Earnings 20%

The Referral Program Could Potentially Provide a Large Income

Needless to say this is an example and achiving these results would take a lot of time and hard work, full time in fact. That being said this is simply a description of the program and not a promise or even a claim that you will earn this much. But I can tell you that after being a member you will see your account grow and you will start seeing earnings appear out of no where.

I’d say about 20 percent of those you refer will be active members earning money and refering new members.

All the links I have here are referral links and if you feel I deserve it, please feel free to use them.

This is honestly one of the more profitable online opportunities that I’ve ever come across. And because of the nature of I’ve come accross many.

If you’d like to start earning money. Give CashCrate a try

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