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Ongoing  Survey Review:
The question: Which  companies offering online earning are scams and which companies are worthwhile? That is the question when it comes to making money online.

Inbox Dollars is a reputable company that allows you to make money online


InboxDollars isn’t actually a survey company but they do offer surveys on a daily basis. Surveys are not the primary focus. Actually InboxDollars offers a wide variety of unique ways to make money. Some are great and others are not as great .

When you join InboxDollars it’s better to consider it entertainment not a job or a way to get rich. But a way to put 30.00 dollars or more a month in your pocket while having fun and earning money at the same time.

Upon joining you’ll receive an instant 5.00 credit in your account and another dollar when you download the toolbar. This will get you started.

How do you make money with InboxDollars?

InboxDollars pays you for completing the following:
Reading e-mails

Full  description of each way you can make money from InboxDollars

Free Offers
Offers come in two varieties first we will look at free offers. Free offers are to sign up for services and offerings that are completely free and do not require you to pay anything. I know those are scary words “pay anything” we all know that if a company tries to charge you to make money it’s usually a scam but read on because I will explain. A free offer would be for example , sign up for “Bing Rewards” Bing is currently paying people to sign up for this new free program.

Here’s the program description from InboxDollars:
“Search, discover, & explore with Bing & earn great rewards! Sign up for Bing Rewards today for free & get 250 credits. Note: You must join using IE 7+ & take advantage of offers to earn Bing credits to receive your InboxDollars credit for this offer.Earn $2.50”

If you choose to take a look at the program and sign up for Bing Rewards, you will receive $2.50 in your InboxDollars account. There are hundreds of free offers available for you to check out. They generally pay between .50 cents – 2.50 and I’ve seen them go as high as 6.00.

Paid Offers
Paid offers are exactly what they sound like but don’t let it scare you off just yet because the deals aren’t that bad at all and there are no requirements to sign up for paid offers. An example of a paid offer is for example: Let’s say you were interested in Netflix. Netflix is a great way to receive movies and they offer a free trial to try there service. When you sign up for the free trial for Netflix your require to to put in your credit card information. And it’s up to you to cancel if you decide you no longer want the service.

Here’s the offer
“Try Netflix for FREE! Get unlimited movies instantly streamed right to your TV- Plus DVDs by mail. Only new, 1st time customers are eligible to receive this offer. Limit 1 redemption per household. Must be charged for the first month service to receive reward.Earn $10.00”

This is a great deal if you are interested in signing up for Nexflix.

Note paid offers pay the most and increase your account balance much more quickly. But if you are going to use the paid offers section make sure you are well organized because you must remember to cancel the subscriptions on your own or you will be billed and the entire point of this is to make money not lose money.

Shopping rewards, this doesn’t pay nearly as much but if you’re planning a purchase you can make it through InboxDollars and receive a percentage of your purchase back. The percentage you receive vary from store to store but generally run in the neighborhood of 3-10 percent.

The survey area offers you three survey opportunities per day. But if surveys are your thing and if you enjoy doing surveys to earn money then I would suggest signing up for  another survey company as well such as OpionOutpost as your primary. This is because the surveys are the same that you would find through another company but pay less via InboxDollars. For example I took a look at the todays surveys and found a match. One that I took the other day in fact. When I completed the survey for the other company I was paid 2.00 but via InboxDollars the offer was for .50 cents. Of course you can do the surveys but make sure to couple it with other ways to make money.

Like I said in the beginning surveys are not the primary way to make money on InboxDollars but it is an option.

I personally don’t play games and haven’t evaluated this section. Moving on.

The coupon section is great because we all like to save money. I think of coupons as money in the first place but at inbox dollars they pay you to use them.  So you can add that to your coupon savings.

At Inbox you have the opportunity to add to your account by watching videos. Basically commercials and movie trailers. You won’t retire watching videos at InboxDollars the pay is minimal. You receive anywhere between .02 and .05 cents to watch a video but it’s more than YouTube pays to watch videos. You see this is where people get frustrated with using InboxDollars. If you try to make your 30.00 mark by watching videos exclusively. It will take you a year of frustration to accomplish it.

Inbox Dollars has a section of tasks that you can complete for a cash reward. The tasks vary and the pay varies as well. An example of a task would be to search for a particular term in a search engine and record the results. Or find a business and locate the reviews for the business in question. Generally speaking the tasks are difficult to complete and quite time consuming.

Reading emails is yet another way to make money from inbox dollars. If you don’t mind getting offers in your email box from time to time. You can add to your account by viewing email and clicking confirm on the email. You don’t need to join any of the programs, just clicking confirm shows that you’ve seen the offer. Emails are paid at about .02 to .05 cents each.

When you become a member of InboxDollars use the referral program to add even more income to you account. There are two ways you can do this with Inbox Dollars. First you can fill in friends name on the referral page and InboxDollars will send them an invite from you. The great part of the referral program is that you receive 10% of whatever your friend earns, so if your friends that are active it will add up quite quickly.

The second way to generate referrals is to use links on your blog/website, social media or where ever you like.

Join InboxDollars, it’s a fun way to make some extra money.

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