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Opinion Outpost – Ongoing Survey Review

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Over the past several month I’ve signed up for a number of different survey companies to test whether they are reputable companies or scams. I’ve done this both to find ways to make money online and to let you know how well they went or didn’t go for that matter.

(Update) Opinion Outpost is confirmed I’ve received my first check from Opinion Outpost and was quite happy with it! Here’s my first Opinion Outpost Check

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular online survey company that holds to the highest standard. They’re a reputable company that allows you to offer your opinions on an array of products and services from a wide variety of companies.  Products and services that you probably already use everyday.

Benefits of Opinion Outpost
First they offer several surveys a day, this is not typical of all survey companies. Some offer a few survey chances a month, some a few a week. Opinion Outpost offers several a day.

What Can You Expect?
After you’ve signed up and confirmed you account via your email. You will be given a few survey opportunities  right away, and have the option of completing a number of smaller survey panels regarding your member profile. These member profile surveys are designed to learn more about you, such as, education, health, leisure activities, etc.

In one day I was able to offer my opinions on seven surveys and was paid 11.90 for my efforts. That may not sound like a lot of money but the truth is over a period of a month doing exactly the same thing I would make $357.00 dollars.

I don’t expect there will always be that many surveys to take everyday and I don’t expect that I will do them everyday but when it comes down to it, even if I take half the surveys and for only half the time; I will still make 178.50 per month doing something that I think is kind of a fun way to pass the time.

If you’re thinking about doing surveys to make some extra money I definitely recommend opinion outpost.

What are your payment options? How are you paid?
Option 1.
Cash Option

Not all survey companies pay in the same way, and not all offer cash or check. Opinion Outpost offers several different options for payment. First and foremost you can be paid by check. Thats important because for some folks thats the only way they would be willing to complete a survey. The drawback is that it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your check in the mail.

Option 2. Gift Card

The option is nice if you enjoy going out to dinner because it’s a better value than the cash option. 10.00 or 100 points will get you a 50.00 gift card but there are restrictions such as minimum purchase at the restaurant you choose and the gratuity is added automatically at 18%. I was a little skeptical of this one because it seems too good to be true, I mean 10.00 dollars for 50.00. Well I haven’t tried it myself but I have looked up reviews for gift cards and they seem to work without a hitch. JUST MAKE SURE TO READ THE RULES & FINE PRINT The only bad reviews I found were from people that didn’t understand the rules (ie. The discount was Sunday-Thursday and they tried on Friday) It’s really quite amazing if you enjoy going out to dinner but don’t like the big bill at the end.

Option 3. Gift Card

We all know Amazon and an gift card is your third option to be paid. It’s for straight value. If you complete 10.00 surveys you can choose a 10.00 Amazon gift card. The benefit is that you will receive you code right away and are essentially paid right away. No waiting period.

Option 4.
Citibank Gift Card

This option is credited directly to your Citibank card. The benefit is you get paid in one business day. The drawback is you have to have a Citibank account.

Option 4.
Donate to the Red Cross

If you’re interested in making a donation to a good cause but don’t have much money to donate you can always choose this option.

Additional ways to make money from Opinion Outpost

Earn $1 for every member they refer.
Your paid monthly for any earnings over $20.00
Checks are mailed at the beginning of every month.
You have easy access to online tracking reports.
Affiliates are provided all necessary graphics and html code for tracking.

In addition to doing surveys you can make money from referrals. The links I’ve provided here are referrals links. If you like the information and feel I deserve it, please feel free to use them.

I wouldn’t ever refer anyone to a service or opportunity that I didn’t truly believe in because I would simply go find something I do believe in.

The way the referral program works is simple. If you refer someone to sign-up you get a dollar. Thats it. No ongoing payment of any kind just a one time payment of 1.00. Some say it’s not the best referral program. But a dollar is a dollar.

If you’d like to start earning some extra cash or gift cards. Join Opinion Outpost

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