10 Business You Can Start With Less than 100 Dollars

Easy to Start –  Low Cost – Small Business Ideas
10 Business you can start with less than 100 dollars

Many of us have been there at some point in our lives, we all need to make money and sometimes we don’t have much to get started. If you don’t have a lot of money but want/need to start making money, here are 10 business you can start with less than 100 dollars and in some cases much less than $100.00 dollars.

window painting window advertising businessDecorative Window Painting Small business for Artists
Window painting is done all year to attract customers and bring in business. Window painting is a form of advertising most often use to promote special prices and sales. You’ll notice this at car dealerships on an almost constant basis.

Large window displays grab potential customers attention. They are in essence an effective way for store owners to advertise. More

Flyer Distribution
You can start this small business even if you flat broke.The flyer business is a great business to get started in if you need to earn some money. It’s easy to get started and it’s a small home based business that is affordable to get up and running. More

The Dryer Duct Cleaning Business
Dryer duct cleaning is the simple service of cleaning dryer ducts for home owners. The service is easy to do and is absolutely necessary. When dryer ducts become clogged and full of debris and lint they simple need to be cleaned out. A dirty dryer duct can affect More

Start a Lawn Mowing Business
Getting started with your own lawn service is quite simple, has a relativity low start up cost, and allows a person who enjoys working outside to do just that. During the spring, summer, and fall, there’s plenty of outdoor yard work to be done. It’s hard work but can be quite rewarding, and profitable at the same time. More

Start a Dog Walking Business
Unhappy Basset Hound sitting in the grassIf you’re looking for a great way to make money right away, and if you are an dog person, consider starting a dog walking business. Generally speaking this a no cost, to low cost start up business that can start generating income almost right away. Chances are whether you live in a small town, in big city, or in the suburbs, you are probably surrounded by dogs, and all of them are just jumping at the chance to go for a nice long walk More


The Pooper Scooper Business
Pooper Scooper Business – Cheap, Easy to Start Home Based Business
Need to make some extra cash and don’t have a lot of money to get started? Consider doing something that other people won’t or at least don’t enjoy doing. More

The Candy Sales Business
Candy sales are up since the recent economic downturn and can be quite lucritive for any individual looking to earn a little cash on the side, or even as full time buiness. More

The Parking lot Striping Business
This small business can be performed with a variety of tools, you don’t have to have the professional line striping  equipment to get started although it will make your job easier it’s something you can work toward and purchase with your profits. More

The Sandwich Business
If you’re one who enjoys working with food and interacting with people this may be the small business for you. This business is all about providing superior breakfast, and lunches in a convenient way to employees of all types, whether in an office environment, industrial zone More

The Curb Address Painting Business
A unique, powerful and easy way to generate income with a extremely low start-up cost.
Here’s how it works.10.00 – 20.00Start-up Cost
First you will need the Address Kit.An address kit is inexpensive, here’s what it includes:  More

The Window Cleaning Business
The window cleaning business can be quite lucrative, if your having trouble finding a job or are just in the market to start your own business this is definitely worth considering. More

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  1. Michael says:

    Solid list of good ideas! thanks

  2. pennyroll says:

    Hey I appreciate that! I just want everyone to know even if their broke there is still opportunities out there.

  3. Valerie Ford says:

    I am handicapped/immobile and on a fixed income. I am going to look into these ideas and find one that suits my disability. Thanks. I will post on facebook.

  4. pennyroll says:

    I really hope one will work for you 🙂 Another thing you could try, just to bring in a little extra money is to complete surveys in your spare time. It’s pretty easy and can generate \. This list might also work well for you https://www.pennyroll.com/earn-extra-money/

  5. pennyroll says:

    I’m glad you liked the list. You might also like the list under “Make Extra Money link on the top nav.

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