10 Home-Based-Businesses for Stay at Home Moms

Work at Home Moms10 Home Based-Business-Ideas for Stay at Home Moms
When children are young many parents are confronted with the challenging decision of choosing to stay at home with the children or go back to work. Making ends meet for a young family can be difficult and sometimes there really is no choice in the matter, it’s a decision that is made out of necessity.

This list of business ideas for stay at home moms is designed with schedule’s in mind. These businesses can be done from home while caring for children.

1. At Home Daycare
An in-home daycare business is ideal for a stay at home moms.  The benefits of this type of business are abundant. Your children’s social skills will develop quickly because they will  have play-mates around all the time. The potential income is high, and you’ll get to work from your home. It is rewarding work because you will help shape children’s lives while providing a much needed service for other parents who need to work.

2. Tutoring – (online and offline)
Tutoring children with school work is a wonderful way to spend your time and allows you to earn money at the same time. Tutoring is a  small business that can easily be done from your home.  If you have credentials you can take this business to an even higher level tutoring children of all ages, including college students. Whether you decide to do this business in person or online, tutoring can be a great way to bring income into the home. If you would like to get started try Tutor.comEssayEdge.com

3. Art & Music Lessons
If you’re a creative mom then the money might be in another form of tutoring. If you happened to be a skilled musician you can easily start offering musical lessons from home. If you’re a talented artist consider teaching your skill to others. Kids, adults, and seniors are all potential customers.

4. Gift Basket Business
If you have a knack for putting together attractive gift baskets, it’s most definitely a marketable skill. Starting a gift basket business is great for moms that would like to work from the home. Professional gift baskets are used for many occasions such as weddings, birthdays anniversaries, etc.

5. Pet Grooming
If you enjoy spending time with animals, a pet grooming business might be the perfect small business for you. Pet grooming is a business that’s easy to get off the ground and doesn’t take lots of money to start Read More about starting a pet grooming business

6. Pet Sitting
If you’ve got the space and enjoy animals there are plenty of potential customers that need a dependable person to watch their pets for a weekend getaway. You don’t have to start an entire kennel to make some extra cash with a pet sitting business. This business allows you to stay at home and earn extra income.

7. The Sandwich Business
Paula Dean stated her empire with a simple sandwich business. She would prepaire delicious lunches from home and have her boys deliver them to local businesses, at first she didn’t make any sales but she didn’t give up and after the local business employees saw her boys a few times they started buying sandwiches and found out they were worth it. The business was established and she started seeing success. This is a business that’s still in demand and if you like to cook or are can make a wonderful sandwich this just might be the one for you.

9. Cosmetics Sales Avon – Mary Kay
Selling cosmetics is predominantly a feminine business and one that can be quite profitable. Some women have become millionaires selling cosmetics. If you’re knowledgeable or if you are willing to become knowledgeable in the art of cosmetics this could be a great home based business idea for you. This is a social business, if you have lots of friends, enjoy sales and like having parties and get together’s, consider selling cosmetics.

10. Selling Online
Selling products online websites is yet another great opportunity for mothers who stay at home with their children. Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist are great sales venues that allow you to make either a part time or full time income depending on how much time and effort you would like to put into it. You can sell just about anything on eBay and Craigslist.  Etsy is an online website that allows you to sell arts and crafts from your home. If you’re the creative type consider checking out Etsy.com

Real Home Based Business Ideas for Moms

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