How do I Start a Pet Grooming Business?

The Pet Grooming Business is in Serious Demand and There’s Plenty of Money to be Made Doing Something you Love
If you enjoy spending time with animals, a pet grooming business might be the perfect small business for you. Pet grooming is a business that’s easy to get off the ground and doesn’t take lots of money to start. Washing a dog can be quite a chore and and giving a cat a bath is even harder and that’s why it’s such a great business. For most pet owners, the family pet is a close member of the family and they want them cared for in a professional manner.

What does a pet groomer do on a daily basis?
Primarily you will be bathing animals, clipping nails, trimming fur and providing general care for animals.

Pet Groomer Training
You may wish to gain professional training if you interested in starting a pet grooming business, and the good news is it’s easy to get the pet groomers training you need. Pet Grooming Training Course before you begin your own en devour.
pet grooming business
Becoming Certified
At this time no certification is required to become a pet groomer as it is with “human groomers” such as professional hair stylists, however if you are considering opening a pet grooming business, you may wish to look into any local city/state regulations that may exist in your area. If you do choose to become certified, it will help, regarding gaining customers and marketing your business.

What’s Great About the Pet Grooming Business?
A pet grooming business is one that can be started on many levels, from opening a store front to washing neighbors pets in your own back yard. Depending on the level at which you start will determine to cost to get started as a pet groomer. That means that no matter what you’re current finances are you can start this business at one level or another.

If you’re simply giving local dogs a good bath in the back yard then all you’ll need to get started is a hose and some doggy shampoo. On the other hand, if you planning to open a full service grooming establishment the cost will be much greater. I like this type of business because it allows any one to get started and in a sense work their way up the ladder, earning the money needed for classes, certifications, and better equipment.

How Much Money Does a Dog Groomer Make?
This question is difficult to answer because it depends on the speed of the groomer and the groomers client base. The potential earning range from 18,000 to over 50,000.

Other business that can be done along side the Dog Grooming Business
The Dog Walking Business
The Pooper Scooper Business

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