Start a Flyer Distribution Business Even if You’re Flat Broke

Start a Flyer Distribution Business Even if You’re Flat Broke!

Today I want to talk about a small business that you can start even if you’re flat broke. A flyer service is a great business to get started in if you need to earn some money. It’s easy to get started and it’s a small home based business that is affordable to get up and running.

With just a little foot work and some design and sales skills you can be making money quickly and easily. This is one of my favorite businesses because flyers work when done properly. That’s why pizza companies and others use them so often.

I’m sure you recognize the traditional Pizza Door Knob Flyers as shown here.flyer business

Again the reason why pizza companies use them is because they work. They’re proven to work. I’ve ordered pizza’s before just because I found one of these on my door and all the sudden I wanted pizza.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a  big city or small town the Flyer Business will work in any area. Business owners are always looking for ways to get customers in the door and flyers are a great way to let potential customers know about a new sale.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Flyer Distribution Business?
The answer, not much! This is a business that you can get started for less than $50.00. In fact you can start this business with $0.00 if you have a few design skills and a printer.

As with many of the small businesses covered here on there are many levels at which you can become involved.

What Do You Need To Get Started?
It all depends on what level you want to begin, but on the most basic level all you will need is listed below.

  • A sense of marketing (required)
  • A Printer (optional)
  • A sales approach (required)

That’s really about it. Other than that you can enlist the services of a local printing company and you can start with simple colored paper and black ink. The premise is really simply. All you need to accomplish is to take a message via a flyer from a local business to a local customer.

Here are the basic steps.

  • Come up with pricing Here’s a little formula that might work for the distribution fee.
  • Go to local businesses and make them aware that you have a flyer distribution business.  Let them know that you can both design & distribute the advertisements. You can also create a flyer for your flyer business to leave with potential customers but don’t let this become your entire sales pitch because that won’t work. You must talk to your customers face to face.
  • Work with your clients to determine which sale they would like to promote. Buy one get one free? 10% percent off? A simple introduction to the store. Be sure to have a few suggestions in mind.
  • Design the flyers, if you’re not a great designer it really doesn’t matter because Microsoft Office has flyer advertisement designs. If you don’t have a copy of MS Word you can use  Open Office it’s free and offers flyer templates as well.  If you need design software, you can get a free copy of Gimp
  • Pass out flyers to homes, businesses, and on vehicles.

Every business owner is a potential customer. However some business types are better than others. Restaurants and services oriented businesses are a great place to start. House painters and similar service businesses are a great potential lead.

If you’ve had trouble finding a job or if you want to make some money in your spare time or even if you want to start a full time business then the flyer business is a oneyou can start right now.

To your success. Good luck!

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9 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    This is a good outline. I’ve actually done something similar to this. It was flyer distribution into letterboxes, as opposed to leaving flyers hanging on door knobs.

    Basically I just started putting small basic flyers saying that I did flyer distribution into letterboxes. The “medium was the message” so to speak.

    It took a while but it certainly got me clients. The good thing about doing it that way was that they knew I would do what I said I was going to do.

    It’s hard to make good money at it though. The key to that is to get a few regulars who want their flyers distributed in the same areas. That way you can put two or three in at the same time. Getting to that level is easier said than done, though.

  2. pennyroll says:

    Thanks, I’m glad it was helpful. I like this business because it gets you out and selling. The reason I like to talk to people face to face to establish customers especially if you low on funds is you can make your offer and then if the only thing standing in the way of a sale is the price you can simply lower the price and offer a discount. I think marketing your flyer service with fliers is a good idea in addition to selling face to face.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I first read this 2 months ago since then i have started my leaflet distribution business and its going really just come back to recap and say thank you. Richard from leaflet media of Nottingham

  4. pennyroll says:

    That’s just awesome, I’m really happy to hear that you got it up and going! Congratulations!

  5. Lulu says:

    Great article. Thanks!

  6. Darren says:

    We are just starting our leaflet distribution business in Kent. So could not have found this post at a better time. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wadsworth Sherrod III says:

    I am in the process of starting the flyer distribution business right now. Anyone tell me how much should I pay for workers?

  8. James Black says:

    Does anybody have any good suppliers in terms though cheap door hanger and flyer printing?

  9. Wadsworth Sherrod III says:

    Artistic Printing is a good resource. Call (248) 356-1004. Free Delivery

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