How to promote an affiliate program and succeed online

How to Promote an Affiliate Program and Succeed Online

Making money with affiliate programs is easier than you may think. I know it can seem challenging even daunting at first but it only seems that way.

From personal experience I know that making money from affiliate/referral programs seems to be difficult but once you’ve broken the ice  it’s easy money.

Note:  Make sure you personally appreciate and like the program you promote.

If you’re anything like me you just might have had you’re doubts about affiliate programs in general. For years I would come in and out of interest with them and I wish I would have known then what I know now.

What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is simply partnering with companies that sell products or offer services, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an information product or a real world product. It also doesn’t matter if the product costs money or not. You simply have to have a vested interest in seeing that it succeed.

You should try it use it first as I always do. I can’t personally promote a product I don’t belive in. I wouldn’t feel comfortable about that.

You should care about it and about the people who get involved in a program/service or product you promote.

Tips to promote your program

If you opporate a website or blog and use banners, make sure they are located in highly visible areas. Such as just about your content or to the top left of your content.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your members is imperitive, never mislead them, always be truthful and honest. In this way, those that you wish to refer know that you wouldn’t mislead them. They can trust you and feel comfortable taking your advice.

Many successful affiliates find success in posting not spamming forums. It’s standard in many forums you can have up to three links in your signature why not make at least a portion of these links point to your product/service.

Emailing potential customers with  solo emails. This is not to spam people but to purchase targeted email lists and send a single email describing the positive points of your offering.

Newsletter are another useful way to promote your affiliate product or service. This is especially effective if you have a solid relationship with your newsletter subscribers.

Making relevant comments can create new lead and new customers for your product or service.  Generally when commenting on anothers blog or website you have the option to list your website. You can either link directly to the product or create a landing page on your website/blog with more information.

Ad Space
Some affiliates may choose to purchase space on websites blogs or through affiliate networks. If done properly this can be a highly lucrative  way of generating leads to the program/service you’re promoting.

Make sure the product/service matches your audience
My two personal favorite affiliates are currently Opinion Outpost and Cashcrate you may have seen a link to either of these programs and a few others here and the reasons for this are simple. I use them both and have been satisfied with the service I receive.

Both are free and help people to earn extra money and generally speaking people who visit are looking for just that type information. And since the visitors who come here are generally looking to make money not spend it, it’s beneficial that these service are free.

Getting Started
If this all sounds like a direction you’d like to go and If you’re brand new to the idea or are going to get started with affiliates there are several ways to get up and running. My recommendation is to first build a website or create a blog.

I wrote about how to set up a WordPress website “build a website” This mostly covers what should be considered after setting up and installing WordPress.

Next you’ll want to find an affiliate that’s right for you:

My personal top affiliate are:
Opinion Outpost



Inbox Dollars

The main affiliate network to consider:

ShareASale Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network

Amazon Affiliate Network


I recently found an article that covers more on the topic and I thought you might find it interesting.

That’s all for now but I will be back soon with more information.

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