Share A Sale Affiliate Program Review

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review

A Bit of Background
ShareASale is a highly regarded affiliate marketing network. Online since 2000 they are based in Chicago, Illinois.

ShareASale has established an Alexa Rank 493 world wide, 166 in the United States all while maintaining a 4 star rating based on their performance, ethics, and robust tools available to members.

An affiliate network with more than 2600 merchants and 3000 products and services available for publishers to promote. If you have an interest in affiliate marketing you would do well with ShareASale

It’s free to join ShareASale

Incentives – Earnings
Affiliate publishers will have three ways to earn as a member of ShareASale. Pay Per Sale, Per Lead and Per Click. The amount earned will vary based on the products and services you choose to promote.

Payments can be received in two ways, you can choose to be paid via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Becoming a member will allow you not only to promote an array of products and services but you will have the option of referring new members as well. Refer a new publisher and you’ll receive 1.00 for each lead. When referring new Merchant you’ll receive 150.00 commission per account.

Customer Service
Customer support is the best in the industry, an example. I was having an small issue with one of the programs this morning. I wrote a quick email explaining the problem and within an hour the problem was fixed and I received an email letting me know it had been resolved.

Share A Sale Interface
If you’re new to affiliate marketing it’s possible to feel a bit overwhelmed with Share A Sale not due to any lack on their part or that the system is difficult to use but instead because of how much is available to you.  If you’re like me and want to jump in with both feet. You’ll gain a collage level understanding of affiliate marketing but be prepared to spend some time studying.

Some say ShareASale  is not for beginners because it’s so involved but personally I wound rather have way too much information and tools than too little.

Requirements for publishers to Join
Share A Sale is available in multiple countries around the world. Members of ShareASale must have a valid website and a valid email address at the domain level. If you do not have an email address through your domain you will be given access to a unique code that you can place on your website to verify ownership. This code will be verified within 24 hours and can then be removed this is how I verified

Although you’ll have the opportunity to market products via email they have a strict policy against spam and ad-ware is forbidden. This is one of the reasons they’ve been able to maintain a good reputation

If you own and operate a website or blog and are looking for new ways to monitize it you’ll find sponsers for your web site and get paid for your content.


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  1. Rohit Singh says:

    Great and it’s really a great program to join especially if you are a beginner and want to start affiliate marketing.

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