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Something occurred to me the other day regarding Google Adsense.  In the past Adsense advertisements were generated based on the content of the particular page a user was viewing, but, recently or at least somewhat recently things changed.  I don’t know for sure when it happened bit I think it was with in the last year.

My wife and I were searching online for a better price on contact lenses for my daughter and myself. Ever since then I’ve almost exclusively had ads for contact lenses, no matter what website I’m on, I see contact lens ads.

Obviously the reason I was seeing these ads was because I’d been looking for contacts. It occured to be as an adsense publisher, I would be more likely to click on the ad if it were a large image ad.

I did some research on the topic regarding the overall performance of Adsense image ads vs text and what I found out was image ads often outperform text as far as individual pay outs are concerned. From what I was able to find on the topic if there is an image ad to show then the ad that will be displayed is the image ad almost as if the text ads are a back up. Furthermore if you understand how Adsense links are monetized then you know the the highest link that appears on the page will pay the most while the lowest link on the page pays the least. And the image ad is the very top of the list.

Using the same logic as above, I did an experiment, actually I’m currently still doing the experiment regarding image ads. Because ads are now generated based on what I’ve been looking for then the same thing is happening with those who uses Google as their search engine. I imagine this feature might be exclusive to surfers who use Chrome or who have an active account with Google. But what I decided to do was switch two o f the three types of ads I display here on pennyroll to image ads only and since doing that I’ve noticed two things. First I’ve been getting more clicks then usual but it seems or at leased seemed that the amount earned from each click was actually lower then normal at least that was the case for the first few days. Now it’s getting better.

Another thing I’ve noticed and I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not, just after making a change to adsense the amont earned from each click is usually less for  a day or two then goes back to normal.

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