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Update for the Ongoing Survey Review

A few months ago I decided to join a number of survey websites and revisit a few that I’d signed up for in the past but didn’t do much with or never hit the thresh hold. I got sidetracked with other things… Anyway like I said a few months ago I decided to give these survey companies a though review and I’m happy I did for two reasons. First that’s what is all about, providing quality information regarding earning money online and offline and sharing it.

So here are some of the first results from some of the survey companies I’ve reviewed. I chose these because I’ve received my first check from them.

1. Opinion Outpost
First the biggest check I’ve received so far is from Opinion Outpost. This was is the biggest at 174.00

A lot of this was earned through the referral program so once you’ve joined I recommend you sign-up for the referral program. I recommend joining Opinion Outpost.

2. Global Test Market (Personal Favorite)
The second check by size is from Global Test Market. This is one I joined a while ago and made some money but then kind of left it and came back to it later. In fact it I believe 2 years or 1-2 years anyway. When I came back my account had been deactivate so all the money I’d earned was gone. I contacted them and let them know I would like my account reactivated and it was done rather quickly. The good news is they activated my account with all the funds I had already earned. I think it was 35.00 at that point. This money was earned by completing surveys.

I know, not the highest quality picture. I made the mistake of taking it against the window. Again I recommend joining Global Test Market.

I enjoy taking survey with them but there is one small draw back in my opinion. They don’t have an affiliate program or at least they are not currently accepting new affiliates. I’ve contacted them 3 times regarding this but have not received an answer as of yet.

3. Cashcrate
Although my Cashcrate check isn’t the biggest in the list I can’t say enough about them. The reason I recommend you sign up for Cashcrate is simple. you’ll earn the most money in the long run from Cashcrate. Cashcrate is another company I joined back in 2009 so a few months ago when I started signing up and honestly reviewing survey companies and other way to earn money online. I once again came across Cashcrate. I first tried to log in just in case I was already a member and I was. So I started exploring and testing and trying it out. At the same time I wrote an initial review and was pleased so I added my referral link. Well that was the month before last and I just received my check for the following month. The total of the check is 38.66 but to be clear I didn’t really do all that many offers in this genre of making money online I personally prefer doing surveys. First here’s the check.


To continue I’ve been pretty busy lately enhancing this website (if you have any ideas you’d like the share how I might make it better for you let me know in the comments I appreciate any input) and exploring new ways to earn money and share them with you.

The point is I’ve not really had a chance to get back to Cashcrate but it doesn’t seem to matter because so far this month my account is already at; hold on I have to go check… $28.60 So you can see why I recommend joining Cashcrate.

Two things to note, You’ll become active after completing your first offer and two because the referral program is so powerful people have a tendency to spam Cashcrate so once you’ve joined make sure your email is set to allow email from them if if doesn’t already.

When you join and I recommend you get active right away because like I said I joined in 2009 and didn’t do anything with it until the month before last. I can only imagine where my earning would be if I’d not have put it off. I know of one guy who has posted check upward of $2000.00 dollars. Join Cashcrate (and get started)

A few others worth mentioning.

At the point that I joined SurveySavvy I completed one survey for 3.00 and because the minimum payout is only 1.00 I requested my check right away. Basically to find out how long it would take to receive a check and to confirm they are a paying site.

Well the check took a while to get here I think 30 days but they do let you know it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive so as long as you understand that it’s not a problem. The check came and I was going to take a picture but somehow some coffee spilled on it and I didn’t really want to take a picture of a coffee stained check.

I requested another one for 4.00 dollars that was a 1.00 survey I completed and 3.00 for referral surveys. It should be here in about  two weeks.

I mention SurveySavvy because of all the survey panels I’ve worked with they seem to offer the highest payout for each survey you complete usually 2.00-5.00 each. They have a referral program as well that I recommend but again of all the referral programs I’ve joined it’s been one is the slowest to generate money but to be honest I’ve not spent nearly enough time with them and if you were to focus on taking surveys and participating in there referral program it would probably build up pretty quickly. Of my referrals 7 have completed a survey and from that the referral bonus was 3.00. Like I said it’s worth mentioning because it has the potential to bring in a good amount of extra money.
If you’d like to join her’s the link to SurveySavvy.

Inbox Dollars
Inbox Dollars is worthy of mentioning as well and the reason I mention them is because my first payment is currently being processed. And the check will be send out soon. The amount of the first check will be 28.49 and was earned from both completing offers, the referral program and checking emails. I always though the idea of earning money from checking emails was BS but it turns out it’s true. Really it’s not much you end up earning a few cents from each but I just wait till they add up and there is maybe 50 or 60 to check all at once then it’s worth it because it really doesn’t take that long and it adds a few dollars to your account balance. Here’s a screenshot of the earnings being processed.

A few key points. It does take quite a long time to finally receive a check, although I’m confident it will come it was one of the first checks I requested, you can see requested July 17 and will be sent out on Spetember 1st that’s a long processing time if you ask me. But again it’s 28.49 that I’ll have in September that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, right?

Another interesting thing I noticed with InboxDollars is they charge a 3.00 processing fee to receive a check at the 30.00 dollar level but not at the 40.00 level. I decided to request the check at the 30.00 level and pay the 3.00 processing fee. But what was weird about this was they instantly put the 3.00 fee back into my account as a “Payment Bonus. That’s what the payment bonus is at the bottom of the screenshot.

Now that I look a little closer it says on the screenshot that by receiving my first check I’ll be upgraded to the “Gold Membership” That’s exciting! Perhaps it’s only the first check that takes so long.

By the way remember how I mentioned I hadn’t had time to get back to Cashcrate very often this month, well the same is true for InboxDollars and the current balance is… 20.38 same story here.

Anyway, I recommend InboxDollars as well.

In summery
Opinion Outpost Biggest check  – decent referral program

Global Test Market – Second biggest check –  no referral program

Cashcrate – Check that will keep growing – the best referral program

SurveySavvy – Small but easy check – could be a powerful referral program – Surveys pay well

Inbox Dollars – Haven’t received the check yet -It take some time to get it – but maybe only the first time. (I’ll let you know) and the referral program isn’t bad in fact it might be the third if not second best.

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    First of all, I really appreciate your site. You are providing good content for those looking for a few legitimate ways to make a little extra money online.

    I notice that you’ve provided a few write ups of the websites that you’ve linked to in your “Sites That Pay” sidebar widget. But, I also see a few in that widget that I hadn’t heard of before stumbling onto your site, namely Ipsos I-say and Toluna. What is your experience with these sites? Are the payouts from them as good as they payouts you’ve written about here?

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