8 Ways to Make Money Even if You’re Flat Broke!

8 Ways to Make Money Even if You’re Flat Broke – Business Ideas
Most of us have heard that it takes money to make money but that’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to start earning an income without an upfront invest or at least a minimal investment. For this list we are going to define flat broke as one-hundred dollars or less to get started with.

These techniques only require that you get out there and do the work. Some will have to swallow some pride but I guarantee you can make money. The more you make the more you’ll have and the more you have, the more you can make.

Businesses you can start with little to no money.

Store Fronts – Offer to sweep up store fronts and pick up litter and cigarette butts for businesses and home owners. Case and point, we were shopping at a major clothing store over the weekend, you would think a store this well know would have their store front well maintained but they didn’t. In fact it was worse than that, there were beer bottles in the bushes, trash and cigarette buts and broken glass in the planters, and stains on the sidewalks, it was incredibly messy. A “store-front cleaning specialist” can easily find businesses that need to be cleaned up.

Seasonal Maintenance and Labor – Depending on the season, you can rake leaves, shovel snow, mow lawns, or help plant gardens, you can help home-owners reseed grass or do some weed-eating.  Anyone willing to do the work can easily make a full time business doing seasonal work for homeowners and businesses in just about any city, town, or suburb. Seasonal work is needed for every season, and that makes it full time work.

Maid Service & Apartment Prepping- Cleaning homes for neighbors and friends is a great no cost way to earn income. You can start

sweepby using the cleaning supplies and tools, either you or your customers already have on hand. Certain people love a clean home but hate cleaning. My brother for example use to pay my sister weekly for a good apartment cleaning. He didn’t like to clean but wanted to have a clean apartment and my sister loves to clean and liked the extra money so it was a match made in heaven. I bet you know someone just like my brother. My sister then went on to the business of deep cleaning vacant apartments for complexes.

Pet Care and More – Taking care of pets, such as dog walking, pet sitting, and pooper scoopering will all generate money with no cost. It’s not difficult to gain customers in the pet care field because people with pets often need help. Think about this, if a person with dogs wants to get in the car and enjoy a weekend getaway, the first thing they have to do if they’re not going to be taking along the family pets is to get a pet-sitter. After a long winter of dogs pooping in the snow, it’s all has to be cleaned up, and many pet owners will certainly part with some cash to have this lovely chore done for them.

Rain Gutter Clean-Out – This business is as easy as climbing a ladder and clearing out debris from rain gutters in your area. Leaves and debris build during the fall and winter months and has to be cleaned out. It’s an important service because if it’s not cleaned out and water starts running down the exterior wall it will cause water damage and stains to build up. The rain gutter cleaning business can become the rain gutter installation business after some time and that in and of itself can be quite a profitable venture. Caution: Getting on roofs is dangerous and even though it doesn’t take much more than a ladder and some gloves to do this work you should consider having insurance, some home owners won’t hire you without it, some will.

Lessons – Lessons – Lessons – If you know how to do something, chances are there are people out-there who would like to learn how to do it too. If you play guitar, or piano, if you know how to paint a beautiful picture or if you’re good with a computer and can teach others then you have a business and all you’ll need at that point are customers.

Computer Repair – The computer repair business can easily be started with absolutely no cash on hand. You can start this business with friends and family and referrals from the same. When a computer starts running slowly or stops working all together it can be quite frustrating and to be honest most people have a hard enough time simply using a computer let alone fixing it or making it run better.

Auto Detailing – Yes, the auto detailing business can have a start-up cost but it can also be started with just about nothing. Auto detailing  is yet another business that can be started with friends and family as your first customers. You probably already have the cleaning supplies you need, and with a standard garden hose, some soap and attention to detail you can easily bring in the money you need to buy even more supplies that will make this business even better. With some dedication, you could work your way up to a truck and be the proud owners of a mobile auto detailing business.

As you can see with a little dedication, some know how and a little elbow grease you can be well on you’re way to earning money. If you would like even more ideas, take a look at the home based businesses in the Home Based Business Section

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