Is Commission Junction a good way to earn money?

In this review of Commission Junction I’ll offer some examples of how they work and how they pay,  and I’ll contrast them with the Adsense network.

Is commission junction a good way to earn money online?
From a publishers perspective, the short answer is yes. Commission Junction is a great way for individuals and businesses alike to earn money online.

What is Commission Junction?
Commission Junction is a advertising network that allows individuals to earn money by promoting products and services from a wide variety of participants.

There are many platforms to choose from when considering advertising online. The way Commission Junction works is pretty simple, after you’ve created an account, you’ll have the opportunity to search thousands upon thousands of products and services from every industry. The difference between for example Adsense and Commission Junction is that Commission Junction gives you the choice of who you promote as opposed to the advertisments being dynamically generated.

With Adsense, you crate content, then the ads are generated in part by the content you create (and these days by what the visitor searched for to find your website). In a sense Adsense reads your content then it dynamically chooses which ads to show, which is certainly not a bad idea and can be profitable. But, with Commission Junction you get to choose.

How does it work?
When an individual becomes a member of Commission Junction they won’t automatically become eligible to promote any product listed on the website but instead will have the option to apply to each program on an individual basis and when accepted have the opportunity to earn higher commissions overall.

How do you earn money with Commission Junction?
Again, once accepted to any given program you’ll earn money in one of three ways, per click, per sale, or per lead. Each program has listed exactly how they will pay commissions.

  • If it specifies  a click then, a visitor simply clicking the advertisement will generate a commission. (it’s generally the lowest payout)
  • If the program is paid per lead, then the visitor will have to apply for the program being promoted. For example, if you were to choose to promote a specific insurance company and it pays per lead then your visitor will simply have to apply for a quote and you’ll earn the commission. (middle payout) With insurance it’s generally 6.00-10.00 dollars per lead. Which is why you see so many people going after the insurance leads.
  • And finally, per sale, if the commission is paid per sale then the visitor would not only have to apply to the program but purchase the service and then you would be paid the commission. (most payout – generally percentage based)

This can work out to be a big benefit to you for many reasons. Again contrasting with the Adsense network, If you were to create a website about insurance, Adsense would choose the ads that are shown, so it could be any insurance company or anything to do with insurance and for that matter nothing to do with insurance. Where as when working with CJ if you would prefer to talk about and promote a specific insurance company, perhaps you’ve had a good experience with E-surance, or Allstate, or what have you, yo can choose to promote them specifically.

My Experience
In my experience certain companies I like to promote are only available on CJ. One of the topics I like to write about is Online Surveys. In many cases the only way I can join the affiliate program of a particular survey company I’d like to promote  is by being a member of CJ. Global Test Market is one good example. I know they are trustworthy because I use them, but they only offer applications to their affiliate program via Commission Junction.

If I were to write a review of Global Test Market and only had Adsense available as my network then the ads may “see” the article is about earning money online and the ads may be about earning money online but what I am really getting at is making money with a specific organization online. And so, in that case it’s important that I have the ability to promote the specific opportunity.

In the end I feel Commission Junction is an important tool in promoting specific products and services on an individual basis.

A few random key points regarding Commission Junction

  • The minimum payment threshold is $100.00 dollars
  • It can take some time to get a final answer as to whether or not you’ve been accepted to an individual program.
  • Commission Junction themselves do not have a referral program that pay commissions for referrals individuals to Commission Junction.
  • They now offer whats know as “Pay-Per-Call” which means that if you’re promoting a particular product and the potential customer decides to call the company directly, you won’t loose out on the  commission you generated.

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