Mobile Car Wash Business

Mobile Car Wash

In the family of auto detailing, the mobile car wash is a business that involves providing a cleaning service for customers vehicles. There is a bit of a difference though in the level of cleaning provided and the price charged.

Many times people are simply too busy to go to the car wash or wash their car themselves and this simple fact is why the mobile car wash is a lucrative business.

The mobile car wash business is a simple mobile cleaning service in which you provide a car wash and light detail on the go. This is a popular service in medium to large cities. Generally speaking you will be focusing on business and industrial parks where you have a variety of customers who are at work and would like to have their vehicle cleaned for a fair price but perhaps don’t have the time to go to the car wash on a regular basis.

What you’ll needmobile car wash business
Pressure Washer
Mobile Water Tank
Vehicle to transport equipment (truck or trailer)


Small Tools:
Small, medium and large brushes.
A few buckets
Assorted Sponges
Assorted Rags & Towels
Shammies (to dry)
Shop Vacuum
Extension Cords

Cleaning agents:
Car Shampoo
Window Cleaner
Tire and Interior Dressing

Washing vehicles is hard work but easy once you’ve established a process.  The car wash service is simply that, a car wash, not a complete detail.

The Mobile Car Wash Cleaning Service Process
Once you’ve established a customer, you’ll locate a good location in the business parking lot or whatever is suitable in the area you’re working.

1. Open all doors and trunk (not hood) remove trash, mats, etc.

2. Vacuum all carpets, rugs, interior seats and trunk.

3. Wipe down all interior, dash, console, then lightly coat with interior dressing.

4. Replace rugs and close all doors.

5. Thoroughly rinsing the vehicle to remove all dust and debris as it can scratch the paint if not done before washing.

6.  Fill your soapy water bucket and wash the entire vehicle using a large soft sponge or foaming brush attachment for the pressure washer. Don’t forget to clean the wheels.

7. Rinse and thoroughly dry vehicle.

8. Clean windows inside and out and if you like place an air sanitizer.

9. Dress tires

That is the entire process and not to be confused with a full auto detail The price is typically 25.00 dollars for cars, 35.00 for suv’s and trucks and 45.00 for much larger vehicles.

Finding customers for this service is far from difficult. In fact it’s easier than you may think and of course if price is an issue you can always negotiate with your potential customers. Offer group rates for multiple customers and consider starting a route where you will be each week or two at about the same time.

How to approach this business
Aside from the typical fliers and advertisements, this is a business to business sale and perfecting your salesman ship is a must. To gain customers you’ll simply stop in at every business complex in your reach, talk to receptionists, business owners, employees, etc.

Generally speaking it’s not difficult to wash two or three cars per stop if you have an immediate style sales presentation and some sort of special pricing.

With this business you can certainly offer higher levels of cleaning, including full detail service, and in fact if your interested in having a full detail business this is a great way to find potential customers and an excellent way to fill in the time that you don’t have  a full detail customer.

Potential Customers
Make it a point to visit small business complexes, colleges, industrial parks, small car dealerships, and auto body shops. Residential, condominium, and apartment complexes are also a good way to gain business.

With some elbow grease, a good sales script, and professional service, you’ll be well on your way to earning great money in the mobile car wash business. Just ten cars a day and you’ll already be earning 250.00 plus per day.

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