This was my ad selling a computer on craigslist

Dell – Full Computer System:

Most people don’t know what these numbers mean so I’ll give an example of what they do in the computer.

Dell Computer:
2.80 GHZ (how fast the workers work inside the computer)
Duel Core Processor (How many employees work in the computer)
80 Gig Hard Drive (How much information you can store)
Windows XP (The best operating system Microsoft ever made)
Mini Tower (All the features but doesn’t take much space)

Dell Flat Panel LCD Monitor 15.9 viewable monitor
Dell Keyboard
Wireless Mouse
All Plugs and wires

Compare at – the computer only it’s 233..49 – WITHOUT

the monitor keyboard, mouse and probably shipping.

And I’ll through in a free computer lesson if you need it.
(Additionally I will install a Open Office, similar to Microsoft word and will handle the same documents
and an excellent image editing program for 15.00 )

Great school or work computer and online ready.

Call Jason

The picture is a little different then the actual computer.

    image 0


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