Make Money Online with Fusion Cash

Earn Money Online with Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash has been one of my favorite sites so far because, although the offers are limited, they are very reliable. Fusion Cash claim to offer the highest values for offers, and it’s been accurate in my experience. Part of the appeal is that they have a combination of offers- ”human intelligence tasks,” cash offers, surveys, etc.–which is really nice that there’s something for everybody and no pressure to ever use a credit card to complete an task to earn money.

The survey section is also quite fair with pricing – I don’t know that there are any, for less than a dollar.  Short surveys and long surveys are adjusted accordingly. Plus, I’ve found that the matches are more accurate than a lot of others. You’re not wasting your time just to find out you don’t qualify (and if that does happen… you get a bonus!).They also have awesome features, like a daily PTC (that is so mind-numbing and easily done),  daily paid email, a bunch of daily emails, a pay-to-post program on the forums and a bonus if you don’t qualify for a survey.

It’s nice to be rewarded for what you’d likely do anyway. With minimal effort, I’d say you can quickly make ~20cents a day here (2 for daily email, ~2 with videos and 15 with the PTC) in addition to several daily surveys.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum Age: 16
  • United States & Canada
  • Threshhold: $25.00
  • Paypal, Check, Direct Depost
  • Free to Join

As mentioned, $15 of the $25 cash out minimum must be completed from offers, not bonuses, which means that there are tons of bonuses to take in advantage of, like the twitter bonus (you get a quarter just for following). Another one of these bonuses is the referral bonus; you get $1 when your referral signs up, $2 when they complete their first offer, and $5 when they cash out — every time they cash out for life! So if you have an active referral that cashes out monthly (which is very doable), you easily get $5 every month!

You can cash out by check, Paypal or the very popular direct deposit option.

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