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Earn more per lead – referral programs 

A lot of people earn extra money by working with online referral programs. They generate extra income by referring friends and  family,  people in their networks, forums, etc, to various income generating opportunities online. Make more money with your referral programs.

Some call it beer money others call it diaper money you may simply call it extra money. But what ever you call it, it’s quite important to know that there are a few ways to get involved. Some techniques pay much more than others, even when promoting the exact same service.

Today I’m going to reveal a few of my “secrets” to earning money with these programs. I’ll explain in detail so that you will know what to do and where to go to join the right referral programs and increase your earnings. In some cases you will increase your income dramatically.

What am I talking about exactly?
You have probably heard of some of the more popular programs out there that are offering opportunities and being promoted. Programs such as, Swagbucks or Global Test Market, SuveySavvy, SurveyHeadCashcrate and Inboxdollars and a number of other reputable companies that you can work with in your spare time to generate some extra cash.

Let’s get to it, but first, let’s talk about how the traditional referral program works.
Let’s start with an example, Swagbucks. Swagbucks has tons of members around the world. Over 11 million in fact, and they are all earning money performing daily tasks to earn cash. Many of the members also actively participate in the Swagbucks Referral Program. However, most Swagbucks members are not aware that Swagbucks offers their referral program in two different forms. That’s the big secret!

As a member of Swagbucks you are offered a referral link that you can share in order to generate leads and subsequently, commissions.

When a new member joins the referral program, you will earn 10% of your referred members commission for life.

Similar sites such as CashCrate and InboxDollars Referral programs pay based on a percentage.
When new referrals start completing tasks, the referrer starts to earn a small commission for each of their referrals activities. This commission does not cut into the new members earnings but is paid in addition to it. So if an activity pays for example a dollar, perhaps a survey is completed, and the program pays 10% incentive to the referrer, then the individual who completes the survey earns their dollar and the referrer earns 10 cents in addition to the dollar. It’s not taken from the referral.

Drawback to Traditional Referral Programs
One of the major drawbacks to the referral programs is that the person you refer must take advantage of the opportunities available in order for you to earn money. Unless…

Now like I mentioned, these website offer their referral programs in a few different ways. If you’ve participated in any of these programs and started to refer new members then you’ve probably used the link provided by the source. But there is often another way!

The second way to get involved and start generating referrals is more profitable, Affiliate networks.

Affiliate Networks
An affiliate network is basically a middle man between those who provide products and services and those who would like to promote them. I mentioned Swagbucks as an example because they not only provide referral links via their website, but they also provide a referral program with Commission Junction (CJ) a popular affiliate network.

When a person is interested in referring members to Swagbucks but uses CJ to do so, they earn a flat commission of $2.50 per referral who completes the sign up process. There is no requirement for the new member to complete any action other than simply signing up. This is significant because many new members sign up but never actually do anything with their account.

Some programs only offer their referral links via these Affiliate Networks. I’ve been asked many times how I am able to refer to programs that would seem to not offer a referral program.

Global Test Market (GTM) for example has a rather good referral program but many individuals  simply don’t know about it. This is because they do not advertise it on their website. Just a note, I’m not exactly sure what the criteria is to be accepted to the GTM referral program, but I will say it took a few tries before being accepted. Again the only way to join the program is via Commission Junction.

Breaking down the Affiliate Network
Before you get started let me give you a bit of incite regarding affiliate networks.

Earlier I mentioned that the Affiliate Network acts as a middle man for many of these programs. This means that they are basically a store of opportunities, but, simply being accepted into the affiliate network does not mean that you are immediately able to promote every opportunity within the network. Once you’ve become part of the network you will be exposed to multiple opportunities but you will need to apply to each program on an individual basis.

Each program has their own criteria for allowing individuals to promote their services. Some require that you have a website and others do not. Some programs accept all members who apply and other review each request on an individual basis.

In my experience, one simply fact always remains true, joining referral programs via Affiliate networks always pays more then joining directly through the website.

Joining Affiliate Networks
The majority of the Affiliate Networks available for you to join will not only allow you to promote the services we’ve been talking about today, but you will find other opportunities as well. You will find numerous products and services that you can start sharing and earning commission.

As with anything there are large well established networks that have established a good reputation and of course there are small ones as well.

The biggest and best affiliate networks that you can join and locate referral programs are:

Google Affiliate Network


Commission Junction


These are considered employers. Many Internet Marketers use these networks to earn their incomes online. You will be asked for your name, address, tax id or SS number. etc.

I hope this sheds some light on the topic and if you found this useful in some way please feel free to share Pennyroll with your friends and family.

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