NDP Group Online Survey Review for Canada and the US

NDP Group Online Survey Review

ndp group

I recently signed up for NDP Group, which is an online survey company that serves the US and Canada exclusively. They have earned a trusted reputation so I decided to give them a try.

After signing up and giving them a chance and reading the reviews post around the Internet, I would say there are mixed reviews.

If you enjoy taking surveys for sweepstakes entries then it’s not a bad service. I’ve read on survey police that some have won LCD tvs and large cash prizes but again, you will only receive entry into prize offerings.

According to Survey Police they have an overall score of 70% which is not bad since the score is given directly from members of the service.

Mixed reviews

The Good

NPD is not for the faint of heart, I won a 46 inch Samsung flat screen HDTV and a Flip video recorder. I had been a member for 2 long years, I was going to unsubscribe when bam!!! I won! Janet is a real person and she hooked me up. I am a true believer.

The Bad

The surveys aren’t bad but the rewards are a joke. If I wanted to spend time on chance, I’d walk to the store and play the lottery. It’s too bad, it could be a decent site if they made it worthwhile.

If you are the type that enjoys taking part in short surveys for opportunities to be entered into sweepstakes then it might be right for you. NDP is not a scam in the sense that people do with and NDP does follow through with the delivery of the prizes.

For me personally I enjoy taking surveys and I like getting paid for my time. I don’t really enjoy sweepstakes entries. If you do, give them a try, but it’s not for me.


Availability US and Canada

Minimum Age
13 US
18 Canada

NDP is Free to Join

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