Pressure Washing Business

Pressure washing business   

Starting a pressure washing business can potentially be quite profitable and is relativity easy to get started. The pressure washing business includes the cleaning of difficult and hard to reach surfaces, such as the undercarriage of vehicles and semi-trucks, driveways, home and business exteriors, sidewalks and just about any other tough to reach and hard to clean surface.

The pressure washing business is always in demand because surfaces are always getting dirty. If you’re searching for low cost home based business ideas then you might consider launching pressure washing service.

This business operates on many levels and some of the more expensive equipment can run thousands of dollars, but it’s not necessary to buy the top end tools just yet.  This is an instant gratification business. There are many smaller set-ups that will accomplish the same goal and allow you to get started with a much smaller investment. You can get started in this business for less than 500.00 dollars and start making money on the very first day.

Commercial and residential pressure-washing is a multi-million dollar industry and you can start to get a portion of that in almost no time at all.

The vehicle will be the most expensive investment when starting this business. You will need a small truck or van to transport your tools and equipment, but you could get by with a small wagon or any vehicle that will provide the room to transport the following equipment. If you already have a small pick-up then you are one step ahead of the game.

The tools and equipment you will need for the pressure washing business, include:

Pressure washing unit
Starting 164.22 

Scrub brushes (variety)

Cleaning chemicals


rubber boots

Because of the nature of the high pressure washing business it is recommended that you acquire small business liability insurance, because pressure washers are quite powerful and can strip a surface as quickly as it can clean it. Note – Make sure you thoroughly practice before taking on any job that could potentially cause a liability.

If you are getting started with the pressure washing business without prior experience then I recommend you start with jobs that are less subject to liability such as driveways and sidewalks and any non painted surfaces, at least until you have mastered the art of pressure washing.

The Process of Pressure Washing.
There are four basic elements to pressure washing any surface. They are water pressure, flow, water temperature,  and cleaning solution and of course distance to surface.  Heat is very effective in cleaning with high pressure and I recommend investing in a unit that can deliver heat. Without heat you will end up spending more on cleaning solutions in the long run. However the unites that do not provide heat (steam) are less expensive, so if budget is a concern then you can use a cold system. Basically this is a tool that requires practice to develop your skill. You’ll simply need to work on and master these elements to clean surfaces efficiently.

Heated System (296.98)
Non-Heated Ststem (164.22),

To get started: 
Develop a business plan and start letting people in the area know about your service. You can start advertising with business flyers and business cards. Create a quality announcement that you can leave on bulletin boards at the local grocery stores and the like. Network with business owners closely related to your business. Believe it or not selling your service door to door is also an effective way to generate business. Once you have your first customer don’t forget to ask for referrals.

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