Work at home Tech Jobs

Work at Home Tech Jobs

If you’re decent with a computer you can go to work right now.

If you’re interested in working online either full time, part time or by project it’s worth taking a look at o’Desk. o’Desk is an online freelance work place that connects you with people looking for you.

I was just looking through the jobs and the hourly wages of some of the developers/designers, etc and was a bit surprised at how much some are earning, up to 60.00 dollars per hour.

It all depends on your experience but, for example, this programmer who has experience in many languages is earning 55+ per hour and is currently at 676 hours at that rate.

Admin with strong programming background

linux-system-administration linux apache python perl zimbra unix-shell ruby postgresql network-administration mysql nginx html javascript ruby-on-rails more…
$55.56/hr Hours: 1050 Russia Last active: Aug. 12 2012 Portfolio: 0 Tests:

That’s pretty impressive, of course he is an in demand and highly skilled programmer.

You don’t have to be a super developer to go to work and start earning. Creative writers are getting anywhere from 5.00 to 40.00 per hour with what looks to be an average of 15.00 to 20.00. Take a look.

What’s interesting is that as I go through each of the profiles of those that are working there, I see that all, at least all I’ve looked at are actively working and earning. What I thought I would see was that they were asking this much per hour but not necessary getting it. In fact  they are getting plenty of work.

Here are the main categories that you can choose from and the number of jobs that are in each category. There are sub-categories to each of these.

  • Web Development (4,327)
  • Software Development (1,811)
  • Networking & Information Systems (618)
  • Writing & Translation (784)
  • Administrative Support (1,078)
  • Design & Multimedia (1,928)
  • Customer Service (321)
  • Sales & Marketing (1,332)
  • Business Services (289)

Take a look at o’Desk 

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    odesk is pretty good to find gigs.

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