Mobile Bartender


Mobile Bartender

When you have an interest in working for yourself and owning your own business all you really need is an idea and plenty of motivation. If you’re the out going type that enjoys serving people, you just might consider becoming an even bartender. Becoming an event or mobile bartender can be an exciting career/small business opportunity.

What does a mobile bartender do exactly? Basically an event bartender travels to events and takes the role of serving cocktails/drinks to the guests at the event. The events usually include weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, business events and basically anywhere a bartender is needed.

Busy event bartenders can earn substantial incomes for their efforts and enjoy a fun work experience.

Before you decide that you want to do this as a career you really should know what is involved when you are a bartender. The article mentions that drunk people can be well, drunk. However in most cases when you are serving at events you will encounter a bit less bad behavior from your customers. Generally speaking people at least try to behave themselves at events.

Certain states require an individual to become licensed or certified before becoming a bartender. You’ll need to find out what the regulations are in your state.

Having experience will certainly help you but it’s not essential, however, you will need at least the knowledge of how to mix a variety of drinks and have confidence while serving.

The supplies you will need can vary when starting out but there are some essentials that are a must have when starting a mobile bartending business.

You’ll need a serving station or drink cart of some sort, it will make starting out much easier.

Assorted cups and glassware.

Drink mixes.

Some sort of vehicle to get your equipment from point A to point B and back.

A liquor licence can be quite costly, however, without one it is still very possible to become an event or mobile bartender. You will simply let your clients know that they will  supply the alcohol and that your services include serving and providing tools and equipment for the evening.

It’s been said that you should not charge by the hour, instead you should charge by the evening, selling the experience. Instead of 25.00 per hour you’ll charge 155.00 for five hours of service. And of course you will also receive tips from the patrons.

Establishing Customers
Networking is at the heart of the event bartending business. Advertising is important but referrals are where it’s at. Network with others that serve events, individuals such as photographers, DJ’s, caters and anyone else that serves any type of event that may require drinks to be served.

After some hard work you will have the ability to bring in anywhere from $200-500 dollars per night.



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