About me

About me

Hi my name is Jason and first let me welcome you to Pennyroll.com.  I’ve created Pennyroll as a resource to discuss new ways to earn money both online and offline and suggest tips on saving money.

Over the years I’ve been involved in many businesses, careers, techniques to earn money, programs, etc. and I’ve been successful with some and failed at others. My work history includes everything from working as a successful web developer for large corporations, to painting addresses on curbs and while selling service door to door. I’ve sold everything from cars to advertising specialties (pens with your business name on them) and just about everything in between.

The goal of Pennyroll is to provide a resource for individuals to find great ways to make money that don’t cost much to get off the ground.  Pennyroll.com was originally created as an index of great home-based-business ideas that you can start for nearly nothing and its evolved from there.

I want to share with people that  starting a business isn’t as hard as they may think. And you can start today even if you don’t have much money to get started!  If you’ve had a hard time finding a job its okay because often you can make more working for yourself.

Did you know you can make upto 85,000 dollars a year with the The Address Business and it cost around 20.00 dollars or less to start.

You’ll also find great ways to make money online. There are plenty of great ways to make money on the Internet but there are many many scams that can stand in your way. I’d like to help you navigate through the junk to find the gems. Take a look at this article where I’ve posted a few of the checks I’ve received. Survey Spotlight and Make Money on Online if your interested in making money from your own home.

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I’m an artist and people have asked that I post some of my paintings. Here a few that I have posted.

My Paintings

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