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Share A Sale Affiliate Program Review

A Bit of Background
ShareASale is a highly regarded affiliate marketing network. Online since 2000 they are based in Chicago, Illinois.

ShareASale has established an Alexa Rank 493 world wide, 166 in the United States all while maintaining a 4 star rating based on their performance, ethics, and robust tools available to members.

Instant Profit vs Long Term Gain

There is the instant gratification type programs that offers instant money, you don’t have to wait long to be paid and you don’t have to wait to earn money, but the money you earn is limited to a in this example a dollar per lead. In my opinion a dollar is nothing to scoff at.

Let’s take for example a program I’ve been talking about lately Opinion Outpost well I personally like the fact that I can go look at my account and see the dollars add up from several new members maybe 10.00 a day.