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10 Things you should be selling on eBay

Top 10 Items to sell on eBay

1. Domain Names
The domain business is alive and well on eBay. It’s a great item for eBay for many reasons.
First everyone has access to them. If you know where to look it’s still easy to locate good ones. Domains don’t often sell for millions or even thousand like they did in the past but you can make small amounts from each transaction. Buy a domain for 8.00 and sell it for 30-40 if you can do that over and over again you’ve got a profitable small business.

ebay secrets

eBay Secret – How to Make Money Out of Thin Air Selling Coupons on eBay

eBay Secret
Ebay is really quite an amazing place, and it is possible to sell things that you may not realize that they have real value, and in some cases real big value.

When most people get interested in selling on ebay, they often do what everyone else is doing, that being looking around the house, garage, attic, etc looking for items that may still have some value. Other times they will go to flea markets, garage sales, resell shops locating items that they can buy at a discount and can sell for a profit. Still others will attempt to locate a drop shipper or wholesaler, buy items at wholesale and hope to sell them at retail.