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mobile car wash business

Mobile Car Wash Business

The mobile car wash business is a simple mobile cleaning service in which you provide a car wash and light detail on the go. This is a popular service in medium to large cities. Generally speaking you will be focusing on business and industrial parks where you have a variety of customers who are at work and would like to have their vehicle cleaned for a fair price but perhaps don’t have the time to go to the car wash on a regular basis.

window painting window advertising business

Decorative Window Painting Small Business for Artists

Window painting is done all year to attract customers and bring in business. Window painting is a form of advertising most often use to promote special prices and sales. You’ll notice this at car dealerships on an almost constant basis. Large window displays grab potential customers attention. They are in essence an effective way for store owners to advertise.

How do I start a blog and make money?

I think the first inclinations a person has when coming online to earn money is creating a website and or blogging. It’s simple they say, just start writing about something you’re passionate about then profits will roll in. Many read stories about individuals who created a blog, placed Adsense on the blog then became millionaires or started earning a substantial income. It’s just that simple. Right?