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pet grooming business

How do I Start a Pet Grooming Business?

If you enjoy spending time with animals, a pet grooming business might be the perfect small business for you. Pet grooming is a business that’s easy to get off the ground and doesn’t take lots of money to start. Washing a dog can be quite a chore and and giving a cat a bath is even harder and that’s why it’s such a great business. For most pet owners, the family pet is a close member of the family and they want them cared for in a professional manner.

Air Duct Cleaning Business – Low Start-Up Cost

Dryer duct cleaning is the simple service of cleaning dryer ducts for home owners. The service is easy to do and is absolutely necessary. When dryer ducts become clogged and full of debris and lint they simple need to be cleaned out. A dirty dryer duct can affect
how efficient a dryer works, how much electricity is needed to run the dryer and if clogged can become a serious fire hazard.

Start a Hot Dog Cart Business – Make Money with a Hot dog Stand

A popular food with incredible potential profits! Hot dogs are easy to sell, in fact hotdogs sell themselves if your in the right location.

The start-up cost of a hot dog cart is quite low, you can get started for less than 500.00 and in some cases a lot less. It doesn’t take much in the way of overhead. Hot dogs are relatively inexpensive and so are the condiments that you’ll be serving. Another great benefit of starting a hot dog cart is

How to Start a Chimney Sweep Business

A chimney sweep is a person who cleans and maintains chimneys. The chimney sweep business is extremely important to everyone who uses a fire place. Just the other day my wife and a few friends helped a neighbor put out a chimney fire and most likely saved the womans home. Her chimney¬†had¬†probably not been cleaned in some time. This service is quite important because if the soot and ash isn’t cleaned out on a regular basis a fire can easily occur.

boat cleaning

Boat Bottom (Hull) Cleaning Business – Unique Small Business

The boat bottom cleaning business can generate large amounts of money, upwards of $400 dollars a day after a clientele has been established Yet this is seasonal work and that should be taken into account. This business takes on a bit of risk. The fee is usually based on the size of the boat and the fact that it’s such a specialized small business, the fee can be quite high. In the neighborhood of 50-500 dollars