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The contrast of making money, is it simply a matter of perspective.

While in this heightened state of awareness of my suroundings I looked at who was doing what and if they enjoyed it, how much they made and if they took pride in their work. One thing I noticed; My wife and I walked into the hospital coffee shop, I noticed on the way the person delivering the mail, doctors on the way to their offices, and even the man who took the tickets on the way into the parking structure. But, this one little coffee shop stood out above everything else. What was inspiring about this coffee shop were the the two young w

The Sandwich Service

The Sandwich Business.
If you’re one who enjoys working with food and interacting with people this may be the small business for you. This business is all about providing superior breakfast, and lunches in a convenient way to employees of all types, whether in an office environment, industrial zone, or…

The Doorbell & Peephole Business

it’s a complete business in and of itself there are additional offering that can be made and up sold to your customers. You could consider up-selling custom address plaques, door knockers, and even keep on hand simple basic doorbells and peepholes for those that aren’t going to purchase the decorative offerings. You can even offer a doorbell repair service perhaps starting at only 10 dollars.