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Make your own greeting cards

It got me thinking about greeting cards in general. Personally I always said that I would prefer a home made card and the 3.88 that would have been spent on the card, put in the card. 🙂 Just kidding. But, I do appreciate a home made card more than I do a purchased card.

Candle Light

this afternoon my wife had surgery. She was having gas pain, not the typical gas pain that someone may have and could take gas-x to relieve but instead carbon dioxide gas that’s used to extend a persons stomach during surgery. The gas in injected into the abdomen as to make it possible to see the organs. Tonight she was having pain due to this gas injection. She wanted to be able to see things in the room, her bottle of water, etc. I decided to light a candle for her, som

Make your own pet food & save money

f you’re like me your always looking for great ways to cut down on waste and save some money. Pet food can be quite a cost and if you have dog’s like I do, one of the favorite activities is eating. Making your own dog food can be a wonderful treat and a fantastic way to save money.

This doesn’t have to be an either or situation, you can still buy the 50 pound bags of dog food, and at the same time, on occasion make up a batch of your own dog food perhaps every third or forth day, when the leftovers that didn’t get eaten are about to go bad.

This is a money saving tip because it does two thing, first it all allowes you to utilize food and leftovers that you may otherwise not eat. The food that could easily end up in the garbage or in the compost heap can easily become a feast fit for a king.