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How to Negotiate Everything

Learning how to put this life skill in action will empower you and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Always counter offer and make it low, even if they didn’t intend to negociate with you, they will naturally counter offer.

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden This Spring – Save Money

With as little as a ten dollar investment you can potentially grow over a thousand dollars worth of food. In this day and age produce is one of the highest cost items that you’ll buy at the grocery store. Not to mention most often the quality is much better. Have you ever compared a home grown strawberry to a store bought one? The difference is quite amazing.

The Library

Of course everyone know about the library, I mean we all used it back when we were in school, back when we had to learn the card catalog system but for many of us using the library stopped when we finished school.

Save Money During the Holidays – Old Fashion Christmas

Saving Money During the Holidays
If you’ve even seen the movie “A Christmas Story” you’re aware in those days they didn’t have five hundred dollars worth of misc stuff for each person under the tree.

The gift list was pretty simply a Red Rider BB Gun and if you’re lucky a pink bunny pajama set would complete the list. A few odds and ends of course, the movie accurately portrayed the era before true commercialism took over.