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How to Setup a WordPress Website

etting up a Wordpress website can seem a bit challenging in the beginning but after learning the system it’s quite easy.

There are a few essentials when setting up your first website. After setting up several of my own and to help out my brother and newphew and everyone else just getting started, I figured I would create this simple step guide.

The Domain Name Business and the Tools You’ll Need to Make Money!

any people believe that the days of making money with domain names are long gone, they believe that because, and are gone that the money’s already been made. Gone are the day’s that you could register a domain and sell it for a quick million, but selling domains in the neighborhood of 15.00 to 7,000.00 and sometimes even more, is still quite viable and certainly not a bad income.

How to Negotiate Everything

Learning how to put this life skill in action will empower you and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Always counter offer and make it low, even if they didn’t intend to negociate with you, they will naturally counter offer.

How I Lost Thousands of Visits From Search Engines – Simple WordPress Mistake

How I Lost Thousands of Visits From Search Engines – Warning about 302 temporarily moved redirect.

This little & easily overlooked issue can cause lots of lost traffic and it’s an easy mistake to make.

The other day I spent several hours researching why I was getting a 302 redirect error on A 302 is a redirect error that states the website

Freelance Work Online Easily – Freelance Resources

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