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Blog Design Matters – What I’ve Learned

ere’s a quick lesson I recently learned about blog design that may save you lot’s of time in the future.
This little change has drastically increased the time spent on from 45 seconds on average to over 3 minutes and lowered the bounce rate by 25 percent. It’s all the same content it’s just more accessible now.

Website Building Tools – WordPress

Website Building Tools  – WordPress WordPress has become one of the most popular tools on the web when it comes to creating you own website and for good reason. WordPress offers a number of...

How to Choose A Web Hosting Company

Selecting a webhosting company is a vital decision when it comes to building your own website. Although it’s not a fundamental decision it’s important to choose the right company because once you’ve made the decision it can be difficult to change. There are a number of plans out there and many things to consider.

Choosing A Domain Name for Your Website or Blog

How to Choose and Register a Domain Name
In this section were going to talk about how to choose the best domain name for your website or blog. What tools are available to you that will make the search easier. What your new domain name should consist of and where to register. As well as a few other important tips.