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Choosing A Topic for Your Website or Blog

Choosing a topic is most definitely the most important step in creating your own website or blog because you will be spending a lot of time thinking, writing and researching this idea. It’s important to choose a topic that’s easy for you to approach and topic you enjoy and a topic that’s narrow enough for you to take on.

Top 10 Must Have Free Programs That Can Save You Money

Just about every commercial software product has a high quality Open Source or otherwise free commercial counter part and in many cases they are either just as good as the pricey version and sometimes even better. The only difference is the Open Source version is free and can save you money, lot’s of money.

Here’s some of my favorites.

adsense for google maps

Adsense for Google Maps is Available

want to share with you something interesting I recently came across that I don’t think many people know is available yet.

If you use AdSense for income then you may be excited to know that Google has introduced an exciting new feature for maps, a new way to generate income.

How to set-up your very own website

Many people feel that it’s too challenging to get their own website, but I’d like to tell you the truth of the matter. It use to be… In the past you would have to know how to code, and design, learn HTML and Java script, etc. Back then we spent most of our time writing code instead

Google Acquisitions

  Google is one of the fastest growing companies if not the fastest growing company in the history of companies. It all started with a simple search page, I remember the first time I...