Small Businesses and Online Opportunities for Teens

Small Business Ideas and Online Opportunities for Teens

Looking to make some extra cash full time or on the side?
There are so many ways to make money around your school schedule, you won’t believe it. Imagine having your own money, not having to ask your parents for cash to go to the movies or to buy that new game and having enough money to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out on a date.

You may not have much money to start your small business so these small business ideas won’t cost much to get up and running and some can bring in quite a bit of extra money. In fact some of these small business can bring in a hundred of dollars in a day. Imagine 5 days work and you line your pockets with 500 bucks! Always remember to be safe and always let your parents know what you’re up to and where you are at all times.

  • The Curb Address Painting Business The curb address painting business idea has the potential to bring in large amounts of money in a short period of time. It’s simple to get started and easy to do. Read More
  • Global Test Market
    Global Test Market is offered on an international basis and  is a fun way to earn money online completing survey panels in your spare time. Each survey incentive is between $1.50 and $3.00 dollars each, generally 3-7 new surveys come available each day.  It’s not hard to make 50.00 dollars per month and more.
  • The Pooper Scooper Small Business Idea Perhaps not the most glamorous small business in the world but still, it’s a small business that’s easy to start, and can line your pockets with that much needed cash. Read More
  • Make Money Starting Right Now with CashCrate CashCrate is an Online opportunity that is free to join and provides a ton of fun ways to make money. You can easily earn 75.00 per month in your spare time, and potentially much more. The minimum age to join is 13 and your’ll need your parents permission. Read the  full review here
  • Sell Candy Small business Idea You’ve probably sold candy for school fundraisers before, and if so, than you know that candy sells. Imagine that envelope full of money was all yours. Remember to be safe and never go inside of anyones home Read More
  • Lawn Mowing Service – Small Business Idea A great small business for teens is the lawn mowing business and yard clean-up. It’s as simple to start as passing out some flyers and talking to your neighbors. With each lawn starting at around 20 dollars, just a few lawns can bring in the extra money your looking for each week.Read More
  • Window Cleaning Business The Window cleaning business, is simple straight forward and easy to get started with. You can perform this work for both businesses and residential homes. The equipment you need to get started in this business is not that expensive in fact you may already have it or can you obtain for a low price. Read More
  • Swagbucks Earning money has never been as easy as it is with Swagbucks. If your time is limited and you enjoy spending some of your time online. Make Swagbucks your homepage and earn money by completing surveys and using their search engine. You will earn reward shopping and finding swag codes as well.

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