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Hi there, my name is Jason and welcome to Pennyroll.com  I want to take this opportunity to let you know a little about the website, why I created it and how it works.

The reason I started Pennyroll.com is to offer my knowledge of how to get started with your own small business. The small businesses that I write about are always” low cost” home based businesses. Ideas that just about anyone can start with just a little money and lots of motivation.

While at Pennyroll.com you’ll also discover many unique opportunities to earn an income online. I have to admit that the information I share here is specific but quite broad and covers many aspects of earning money both online and offline.

I started Pennyroll in 2008 and it’s been through many changes over the years. I’ve covered and will continue to cover lot’s of topics and opportunities as well as pitfalls that should be avoided.

Let’s get started finding the information you’re looking for:

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