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How to Negotiate Everything

Learning how to put this life skill in action will empower you and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Always counter offer and make it low, even if they didn’t intend to negociate with you, they will naturally counter offer.

Ask for discounts!

Ask for a discount, and you’ll almost always get a discount!

When your out shopping and want to save money, it never hurts to ask for a discount. I’m not sure why but many people associate this with begging for one reason or another, but I see it a bit differently. I’ve sold many things in the past and I know that there are many times that I choose a price but would be happy to consider an offer, so I can only imagine that other sellers of products could only feel the same way.

Take out the trash and save…

Trash is most definitely a cost and a great place to look when you want to save money.

There are several ways to bring the cost down. If you live in a house then you probably have a trash man and of course a trash bill to go along with it.

Save big by switching to Skype

Skype Skype! (Save Big on your phone bill!) If your truly interested in saving some money consider skype, I know were in theĀ era of cell phones but if your still currently spending a small...